About Us

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Welcome to Design Rarity

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Step into a world of stylish luxury at the AMARA’s exclusive, high-end gift boutique, and embark on a wondrous journey of exploration.

With items from more than 200 leading brands and designers, Design Rarity forms a treasure trove of unique gifts from around the globe. The expert team behind this luxury boutique is passionate about style and good taste, and prides itself on sourcing exclusively curated gifts and homeware pieces, carefully selected from both local and international designers. Each of these meticulously hand-picked selections will inject timeless design into a home’s interior, and are ideal for any occasion.

When design becomes uniquely rare

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Design Rarity offers a wealth of luxury gift items which boast both elegance, and whimsy, and mirror the freshness and sophistication of their surroundings at the AMARA Hotel, raising the retail status as high as a penthouse suite. For those not staying at the hotel, Design Rarity offers home delivery service for all items, making gifting effortless and convenient.

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